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Fishing Calendar

Improve your fishing skill with this solunar tables generator to know the best times for fishing in your location.

Month view for best moon phase days.

Day view for best hours for fishing.

Widget for today state and times.

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Comments on: "Fishing Calendar" (3)

  1. thanx for the suggestions, i followed them. found a setting buried within the phone, that allows position sharing.your help was greatly appreciated.

  2. Dear customer

    You must follow some points in order I can help you:

    1) Update Fishing Calendar to latest version from Market
    2) Go to phone Settings->Location & Security and make sure you have “Use wireless networks” and “Use GPS satellites” set on.
    Wireless location is usually better at cities and GPS location outside them for battery life.
    3) Go to Fishing Calendar Settings and mark on “Use GPS”.
    4) If all above fails, please try any other location application like “Google maps” or “GPS status”. Can they obtain your location correctly?
    If all fails maybe is a phone issue and you need send it to the technical service.

    Please tell us which phone model you have to investigate further.

  3. i purchased fishing calendar and am not able to establish my location. i tried using both gps and wifi. using android system

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