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Solunar tables:

Q: What are the solunar tables?
A: The solunar tables [SOlar(sun) - LUNAR(moon)] provide you the best times of the day and best month days for activities concerned to wildlife.

The best times for this activity are determined monthly by the moon phase. We can find the maximum when full moon or new moon and minor activity periods among them.

Every day have their own best times determined by the moon/sun set, rise, and transit (zenith/nadir). The best times of day are when the moon reach their zenith or nadir (opposed to zenith), and there are secondary best times at moonrise and moonset.

The monthly periods are shared worldwide, and the daily periods are based on your localization.
Q: How these calendars can help me?
A: This application provide all the information about solunar tables for the best fishing/hunting/birdwatching experience.

In the Month View you can see the moon phases and best wildlife activity. Touching a day you enter in the Day View where you can see the best times for the selected day based on moon and sun at your location.

The geolocation is done using GPS or mobile network, so is recommended enable at least one of this geolocation methods in your phone configuration. Without them we couldn't calculate the day events. If you are located far away the mobile networks then enable your GPS.

When in WiFi/wireless range you can see your actual city/country names too.

App screenshots:

Q: Month view.
A: The month view contains a calendar with the moon phases, and the best days for activity are brightest.
You can see too if any day has notes or photos attached (white/yellow points).
If you select a day the Day View is opened.
Information/Navigation bar.
Month calendar.
Section tab.
Q: Day view.
A: In the Day View you have all the information for the selectec day: location, best times, times for sun/moon, and a graph with the evolution for that day.
Information/Navigation bar.
Current location and button to attach a note to this day.
Daily information with best hours, and sun/moon events.
Visual graphic with best hours.
Q: Notes List.
A: A note list for an easy access to all yours notes. The notes can be created from the Day View or directly from the Notes Map.
Information/Navigation bar.
Section tab.
Q: Photo Gallery.
A: The photo Gallery shows all your photos for a selected day.
Information/Navigation bar.
Photo location.
Buttons to access to Notes Map and to share current photo by Email, Facebook, MMS, Picasa, ...
Active photo.
Gallery of current day.
Q: Photos List.
A: In the photos list you can see all yours photos ordered by date.
If you touch the right star in every row you can publish your photo to the photo ranking list.
List of yours photos.
Button to take a new photo.
Section tab.
Q: Photo Ranking.
List of ranked photos from other users. You can rate them.
Section tab.
Q: Notes Map.
Marker for a note.
Marker for a photo.
Note/photo details.
Q: Widget & Notification.
State for today.
Current moon phase.
Best hours for today.

Download/Purchase issues:

Q: Why can't I purchase your application?
A: Usually Google Checkout informs us with this message:
"The authorization of the customer's credit card failed. Google has sent an email instructing the customer to update their card. If they fail to provide a valid card within 7 days, this order will be automatically cancelled by Google."
Maybe you must update your credit card in your Google checkout account if expired.
If your credit card is correctly added please check the answer 'Android Market issues'.
Q: Who can help me resolve Google Play issues?
A: You can read all about this topic at Google Play Help Center.
Q: I've purchased the app but I can't download it.
A: We don't have control in the download process. Android Market could have any issue that prevent any download.
Anyway your best choice is uninstall the application from Android Market (if installed) and install it again, or read the previous entry.
There are some well know issues that you can see it at the answer 'Android Market issues'.
Q: Android Market issues.
A: Check these pages for more information:
Q: More info.
A: Check this page:
Android Market Help Articles

What's new:
New in v1.6.7:
  • Fixed bug when center to current location in NotesMap.

  • New in v1.6.6:
  • Supported small screens.

  • New in v1.6.5:
  • Notes management changed.
  • You can now add notes from map.
  • There is now two note types: map notes and day notes.

  • New in v1.6.4:
  • Fixed bug for Android 1.5 devices.

  • New in v1.6.2:
  • Setting for GPS update period (default: 15 min).
  • Bug fix for user rate with 1 or 2 stars.
  • Minor bug fixes.

  • New in v1.6.1:
  • Improved photo rate screen.
  • Blinking star icon when new photo submited by users.
  • New button 'Take Photo' in Photo List.
  • Minor bug fixes.

  • New in v1.6.0:
  • Publish your photos to the online ranking.
  • Rank the users photos.
  • Notes/Photos navigation bug fixed.
  • A lot of bugs fixed.

  • New in v1.5.13:
  • Added notifications when best days.
  • Notes map location failure fixed.

  • New in v1.5.11:
  • Improved current location in notes map.
  • Minor bugs fixes.

  • New in v1.5.9:
  • Improved GPS use for battery save.
  • Minor bugs fixes.

  • New in v1.5.8:
  • Minor bug fixes.

  • New in v1.5.6:
  • Delete photo bug fixed.

  • New in v1.5.4:
  • German language added.
  • Korean language added.
  • Widget issues fixed.

  • New in v1.5.2:
  • Frozen bug fixed.
  • Camera issues fixed.

  • New in v1.5.0:
  • Improved user interface.
  • Global Notes and Photos list in Month view.
  • Photo note bug solved (thanks to Yves Keller).
  • Export of KML file with notes and photos locations (thanks to Yves Keller).

  • New in v1.4.11:
  • Minor bug fixes.

  • New in v1.4.10:
  • Support for camera button in some devices.

  • New in v1.4.9:
  • Tooltips to learn application use.

  • New in v1.4.8:
  • Internal database bug fixed.

  • New in v1.4.6:
  • You can now share your photos with your friends.

  • New in v1.4.5:
  • Fixed bug with Android 1.5 (thanks to Enrique Pujol)

  • New in v1.4.4:
  • Minor bug fixes.

  • New in v1.4.2:
  • Fixed bug with Android 1.5

  • New in v1.4.1:
  • Photo GPS location bug fixed.

  • New in v1.4.0:
  • Add your catches photos, link them to your notes and see where was fished.
  • Notes Map adds now catches locations.
  • Custom camera (if you have any issue with this, please send me a feedback).
  • Support for Android new 2.2 and old 1.5 capabilities.
  • Bug fix for the Widget.
  • Minor bug fixes and imprevements.

  • New in v1.3.0:
  • Interactive Notes Map in Month View.
  • Navigate in the Notes Map and select and see/edit the selected notes.

  • New in v1.2.6:
  • Improved GPS detection.
  • Disable/Enable GPS in Settings.

  • New in v1.2.5:
  • Fixed location coordinates bug.
  • Location names cached.

  • New in v1.2.4:
  • Fixed database bug when widget open application.

  • New in v1.2.3:
  • New Map menu in Notes View.
  • New Today menu in Day View.
  • Animated navigation arrows in all Views.

  • New in v1.2.2:
  • Note View navigation arrows.
  • Fixed Month view bug.
  • Fixed database bugs.

  • New in v1.2.0:
  • Daily user custom Notes.
  • Notes with geolocation.
  • Integration with GoogleMaps.
  • Daylight in Day view graph.
  • Fixed landscape widget.
  • Minor bugs fixes.

  • New in v1.1.6:
  • Moon phase images in Month View and Widget.
  • Added settings.
  • Switch moonphase images/circles in Settings.

  • New in v1.1.5:
  • Added week days names in Month View.
  • French language.
  • Minor view fixes.

  • New in v1.1.4:
  • Minor view fixes.

  • New in v1.1.0:
  • Added Widget for current day information.
  • Added help dialog.
  • Added updated versions dialog.
  • Minor bug fixes.

  • New in v1.0.0
  • Solunar month view.
  • Solunar day details view.
  • Location: GPS/mobile network.
  • City/Country.

  • Contact:
    NatyGames webpage